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Astrology Charts:

Your personalized astrological chart is a graphic representation of the skies overhead at the time and place of your birth. We offer a basic chart or an advanced chart. Order either style for $3.99 and receive a free Major Life Themes Report - a terrific value!

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You can also try one of our free charts from our automated chart service. Slightly smaller , on a white background, it may just suit your purpose. Tell your friends about our free astrology charts...besides our free chart service, check out the samples on our celebrity samples page.

Art Wheels! Your natal chart with a stunning graphic background for just $6.99 or free with purchase of our Personal Path Report! Twelve beautiful backgrounds to choose from. Try printing it on glossy photo paper and framing it for a great conversation piece!

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Astrology Reports:

Natal Reports

Our Personal Path Report is an information packed analysis of your birth chart that is so easy to read and understand, you can put the information to work immediately in your life! You'll find answers to your questions concerning romance, friendships, career, health and much more. Approximately 25 to 30 pages in length and delivered within 24 hours, your sun sign, moon sign, ascendant and aspects, as well as planets in signs and houses are all discussed in this analysis. Astrology Art wheel included, as well as a free, personalized 3 month forecast reading, for just $17.95.
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Children's Natal Report Learn more about our new Child Natal Report or see a sample...

Cosmo Natal Report This short but well written interpretation of your natal chart is available in English, Spanish, French and German. About 3-4 pages in length, it interprets planets in zodiac signs and planets in aspect to one another. Planets in houses are not interpreted, but a great buy for $5.95. Advanced birth chart included.

Sample report for Brad Pitt  Order Cosmo Natal

Naughty Natal Report - A great gag gift or practical joke. This bawdy 3-5 page analysis written by Art Poppe can sometimes be raw, so we've cleaned up our sample for our family rated site. A unique gift for someone that can laugh at themselves, just $5.95. Includes advanced astrology chart.

Sample for Bill CLinton  Order

Astrology Compatibility Reports

Star Match Compatibility Report How compatible are you and that special someone? The StarMatch Report gives you a Compatibility Index Rating for you and your romantic interest. A rating of 1.5 or greater is considered high. Aren't you wondering how high the two of you will score? Check out our reports for Jennifer and Brad or Brad and Angelina. Astrological compatibility wheel included. Used by many dating services across the US. order it now just $21.95.

Sample For Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston  Astrology Compatibility wheel   Order StarMatch

For a quick overview of zodiac sign compatibility, click here...

Cosmo Compatibility Report
*Available in English, Spanish, French and German.
*Our basic Astrology Compatibility reading.
*Includes a free astrology compatibility wheel
*Just $7.95.

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Astrology Forecast Reports

Lifetrends Transits Report What's in store for you during the coming year? This report can tell you!Take a look at the sample and see all the information it gives you about where you are and where you're going! 12 month report is $30.00. Also offered in 3 month and 6 month versions- check 3 and 6 month prices...

Sample for George Bush   Order Forecast
Specialty Reports

Personality Scores Report
*Your personality is scored in 25 categories, reflecting your aptitude for each.
*Categories include loyalty, impatience, sexual excitability, and logic.
*Just $7.95, Includes one of our Advanced astrological charts.

Sample Reports   Order scores

Astrological Treasure Maps Where is the best location for you to find love and romance, a dream job or take a vacation? You'll know immediately after looking at your Treasure Map. Choose from 5 maps: Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Friends and Family, Inspiration, Excitement and Instability(great vacation spots!). Just $5.95 each and includes a map key and one of our Advanced birth charts.
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Treasure Map

Astrology Relocation Report
*Wondering what a new place would be like for you?
*Would your romantic life or career be enhanced at a new location?
*We'll need your birth information and three locations that interest you.
*Advanced birth chart included, just $7.95.

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Career Guidance Report - Written by Horacio Valencia, a great tool for those who are seeking to discover their true talents and vocation. Horacio provides an analysis of personal characteristics, unused potential and ability to earn money. Possible vocations are suggested throughout. Length is 10-12 pages. Includes advanced birth chart and Vocation and Career Treasure Map for $14.95. See a career guidance report for Arnold Schwarzenegger or check out our other sample below.

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Athena Numerology Report
*Analyzes name and birth data to reveal personality, destiny and career numbers.
*What do the first initial and first vowel of your name reveal about you?
*Includes basic astrological chart.

Sample   Order


See sample zodiac charts and readings of celebrities! Natal charts and astrology reports for Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Adolf Hitler, Britney Spears and others! View an astrological compatibility report for Brad and Jennifer. What went wrong? Don't forget to read your free daily horoscope for your sun sign!



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